Peru has so many beautiful hiking treks and cycling roads to offer, that once you are in Peru, you might get into the same situation as us: you want to extend your visa. It took us 5 trips within 3 days to the immigration office, to finally get the stamp. On our last visit, one of the immigration officers showed us how an application for a Peru tourist visa extension online is actually done. To prevent you from having the same frustration as we had, we describe the process step by step on how to get your Peru tourist visa extension online. It has worked for fellow cyclists and travelers as well, so let’s get started!
Note: this blog is written in 2020

Can you apply for a Peru tourist visa extension online?

The answer is: yes, but partially. You can start the process, but you still need to go to a migration office to get the actual passport stamp. However, it is still worthwhile to prepare your Peru tourist visa extension online to save valuable time at the migration office.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of unclear information out there on the online procedure; even the migration office provided us with wrong information on the online process (twice!).

Where can you extend your Peru tourist visa?

You cannot extend your Peru tourist visa at all the migration offices. According to the Peru migration website, you can apply for a Peru tourist visa extension in the following migration offices: Tumbes, Piura Chiclayo, Trujillo, Lima, Iquitos, Pucallpa, Pto Maldon, Chimbote, Cusco, Arequipa, Ilo, Tacna, Puno, Tarapoto and Miraflores.

3 easy steps to a Peru tourist visa extension online 1
List of migration offices in Peru where you can apply for a tourist visa extension

How to get a Peru tourist visa extension online? 

Most people, upon arrival in Peru, get a tourist visa for 90 days. You can extend this visa for up to 183 days. To do so, you need a valid tourist visa at the date of extension.

These are the steps to apply for the Peru tourist visa extension online:

  1. Pay the fee at Banco de la Nacion Peru 
  2. Fill in the forms on migration office Peru website and make an appointment online. 
  3. Go to a migration office in Peru to get the stamp with the following 5 documents printed 
    1. Receipt of fee payment
    2. Form 007 
    3. Form with your appointment 
    4. Copy of your passport
    5. Copy of the stamps in your passport of entering Peru

Step 1. Pay fee at Banco de la Nacion Peru

You have to pay the fee of S/ 11.70 for the administrative procedure under code 01857 at any Banco de la Nacion branch or pay the fee online using

  • According to the Pagalo website you can pay with Visa or MasterCard. We paid with a Visa card and had no problems. You will get a payment receipt. Save this receipt! You need it to fill in the online application of the Peru migration website (step 2) and you have to bring a printed version to get the stamp (step 3).

Step 2: Fill in the tourist visa forms online

The Peru migration office website is not mobile-friendly so it is best to continue this process from a desktop. 

  1. Go to Peru migration website:
  2. Select ‘Citas en linea inmigration’
  3. Select ‘Prórrogas permanencia’
  4. Select ‘Turistica’
extend peru tourist visa online
Peru tourist visa extension
extend peru tourist visa online
Peru tourist visa extension

If all went well, you arrive at ‘Prórroga permanencia turistica‘. This is the page where you can fill in the documents to start the ‘Peru tourist visa extension online’ procedure. And yes, the page is different from information circulating online and even from leaflets that are handed out at Peruvian immigration offices.

This is the actual way to do it – other links such as ‘Prórogga permenencia en linea‘ are not working and will result in an error somewhere in the process.

From the page ‘Próragga permanencia turistica‘ select the following boxes:

  • Formulario F-007 (Gratuito)
  • Recibo de pago del Banco de la Nación por derecho de trámite (S/. 11.70 nuevos soles).
  • Pasaporte o documento de viaje vigente.
  • Tarjeta Andina de Migración (TAM).
  • The last box ‘Ficha de Canje Internacional’ should NOT be selected.
  • Go to the next page.

Fill in all the required information in (1) datos solicitante. Leave the second part (2). ‘Form datos représentante legal’ blank. Also, leave the ‘Consulado que expidira la visa’ blank.

3 easy steps to a Peru tourist visa extension online 2
Peru Migration website for Peru tourist visa extension online.should look like this

After completion of all the required information go to the following page. Here, you can save the .pdf and print the document.

Subsequently, you have to fill in the information and codes from the fee payment. In the last step of this online process, you can make an appointment with one of the migration offices in Peru.

Step 3. Go to the migration office to get a stamp

Bring – of course – your passport and the following 5 documents printed:

  • receipt of fee payment
  • Form 007
  • Form with your appointment
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of the stamps in your passport of entering Peru.

The migration office can now finalize the process and give you a new stamp in your passport.


We didn’t have to explain or answer any questions about why we wanted to extend our visa, however, we heard other people who had to answer a lot of questions.

We hope this information might help fellow travelers in extending their stay in Peru. Regulations around Peru tourist visa extension seem to be unclear and might change again in the future. Let us know in the comments if the ‘Peru tourist visa extension online’ worked for you, or if you need any additional information.

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