Colombia is a fantastic country for travelers looking for outdoor adventures. Colombia provides plenty of options for those preferring to cycle on paved roads and those looking for bikepacking Colombian backroads. Although Colombia was once known for its cartels, cocaine, and raging civil war, Colombia is flourishing and has had a more stable government for almost a decade. This means tourism and the country as a whole is thriving. Today it is the rich biodiversity, the warm welcome received from people, the picturesque villages and vibrant cities that are taking over the image of Colombia.


Colombia has the second-highest biodiversity in the world. The many different ecosystems – from jungles, snow-capped mountains, cloud forests, beaches, and even deserts – explain the vast amount of different animals and plants you can come across in Colombia. You don’t have to look for them either. By just wandering around a town, colorful birds and plants are abundant. Imagine what you’ll come across cycling or hiking through the sparsely populated areas, where animals are less disturbed.

Many Colombians cities have their own music and dance and they are proud to show it to you. Everywhere you go, you get a warm welcome, before you know it they offer a coffee, invite you into their house, cheer you on while cycling by or give you some extra fruits for on the road.

One thing we discovered about Colombia is the picturesque colorful towns, especially those situated in the mountains. The villages have a tranquil and peaceful feel to them, with the main square surrounded by many stores and restaurants. You will find children playing, people working, men drinking coffee in their afternoon work break, families having lunch or dinner and the elderly strolling around and having sociable chats. It is truly the center of the town where so many aspects of daily life occur. Somehow it feels so simple and purposeful to have such a central square in a small town.

bikepacking Colombia

For many cyclists, Colombia is their favorite country in South America, and we completely understand why. It is green, it is vibrant, it is cheerful, and there is so much life going on everywhere you go. Many parts of Colombia are beautiful so even without a defined route, you will come across gems of stretches of road.  Cycling through the famous Zona Cafetera takes you through cloud forests with abundant flora and fauna. Butterflies, birds, plants, vines, palm trees, waterfalls you name it. It is the vision of Colombia that will linger and in our opinion symbolic for Colombia. Need inspiration for a cycling route for Colombia?  Here are 3 beautiful cycling roads in Colombia.


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