The Lowa Lady Light GTX are category B hiking boots for women. Comfort and lightweight are the magic words for these shoes, whilst able to hike year round on challenging terrain. They have a classic look and can be purchased in colors Navy, Graphite/Jade or Slate/Green. The price is around €200,- or $220,-.

The boots have some specific qualities as well as some minor points. They provide very good ankle support, are really comfortable and of course light weight. Foot support and the lacing system are two minor points.

All in all the shoes are very well suited for someone looking for a mid range priced hiking boot for all terrains with comfort as the prioritized feature. Why? You can find out in the in-depth and detailed review of the Lowa Lady Light GTX.

Lowa Lady Light GTX, color Navy
Review of Lowa Lady Light GTX, hiking boots for women

Features and specifications

Lowa promises the following for the Lowa lady light gtx:

When women head out on longer trekking tours or are out and about on demanding hut-to-hut hikes, comfortable feet are an absolute priority. Built with modern construction methods, this technical yet flexible boot of nubuck leather wins you over with its impressive lightness and high comfort. Extremely limited seaming in the forefoot limits the possibility of pressure points and abrasion.

To summarize it it numbers:

  • Index: LOWA Index 3 : Trekking
  • Upper: nubuck leather
  • Lining: GORE-TEX®
  • Sole: VIBRAM® Trac® Lite II (Lowa put their name on the Vibram sole)
  • Midsole: DuraPU® with SPS System
  • Resolable: Yes
  • Additional Hardware: X-Lacing®
  • Stabilizer: Medium
  • Weight: 1020 g/pair
  • Width: Medium

With just over 1020 gram per pair the Lowa Lady Light GTX are definitely lightweight for category B hiking boots for women. The effort they made with the stitching of the uppers, the cushioning of soles and the lacing system, it sounds like the ladies are comfortable. With GORE-TEX lining you can’t go wrong for waterproofness. Neither can you go wrong with a VIBRAM sole for grip and traction. In theory the Lowa Lady Light GTX are very promising hiking boots for women.

Why I bought the Lowa Lady Light GTX

When my previous hiking boots, Hanwag Tatra were finally worn out, it was time to buy new boots. I was looking for lightweight and waterproof shoes for hiking and occasional scrambling in the South American Andes.

Furthermore the new boots should provide enough ankle and foot support. I twist my ankles often. Especially my left ankle hurts at the end of each day. No big deal, I’m used to it by now. However, a supportive boot does make a difference in multi-day hikes. 

Last but not least was I looking for boots that would last for several years. I don’t like to buy new boots every year. It’s difficult enough as it is to find a properly fitting pair of hiking boots. I don’t like to go through the endless process of trying on all those shoes without knowing what would be the best choice.That means comfort and suppleness of the boots were not the main priority. It would be a welcome fact if they would be, but not a showstopper. 

So I set out on my quest. After visiting a few bigger stores, searching the internet and trying more than twenty pairs, I narrowed my choice down to three shoes.

ShoePriceAvailable at (US)Available at (EU)
Lowa Lady Light GTX€200,-BackcountryBergfreunde
Scarpa Women Zodiac GTX€200,-BackcountryBerfgreunde
Hanwag Tatra II Lady GTX€230,-Bergfreunde

The scarpas were too soft. Comfortable yes, but didn’t provide the necessary support. The Hanwags were my second choice, but being slightly heavier and I was somewhat disappointed in the durability of my previous pairs I eventually I chose the Lowa’s.

Performance review of the Lowa Lady Light GTX hiking boots for women

The hiking boots have so far been used in the South American Andes on several hikes ranging from 1 up to 9 days. I’ve worn them in snowy conditions, heavy rain, crossed rivers and even used them as city walkers. 

I hiked days of up to 22 kilometer in high elevation and Alpine terrain and had to scramble a few times. In total, I walked more than 500 kilometer wearing the Lowa lady light gtx. They have properly been put to the test to say the least.

The (in)famous Huayhuash trek, a 9 day high altitude trek in the Peruvian Andes, was the most extreme hike where I wore the Lowa’s. Every kind of circumstance was present. I had snow, hail and rain. Trails were grassy, rocky, sandy, slippery, steep and wet. I crossed creeks and snow fields and scrambled a few times.

We weren’t following the normal ‘donkey trail’ like most people do. However, I followed the Alpine trail for the most part. Except for those parts where it was recommended to use ropes and climbing gear. I, and the two companions i was with, carried 10 days of food with us. The backpacks were fully loaded and heavy! We hiked 118 kilometer in total. The trek was absolutely amazing and one of the best hiking experiences of my life. The Lowa’s definitely didn’t let me down for one moment.

A detailed review of the comfortable and lightweight Lowa Lady Light GTX, hiking boots for women 1
Hiking in Peru
A detailed review of the comfortable and lightweight Lowa Lady Light GTX, hiking boots for women

Results of the detailed review of the Lowa Lady Light GTX

Ankle and foot support of the Lowa lady light gtx

The ankle support is good. Actually, I haven’t twisted my ankle as many times as I usually do. That is a big plus. I feel secure when hiking over technical terrain even when I’m tired. I haven’t felt pressure points around the ankle. With previous hiking boots, I always felt pressure points on my achilles tendon. But not with the Lowa’s.

Foot support however is not as well as I hoped. I still overpronate and the shoe as well as the inner sole don’t provide enough support to correct that. They don’t excel in this area. My pain in the left ankle is still present at the end of the day.

Grip of the Vibram sole

As leading sole manufacturer for outdoor shoes, they live up to their reputation. They provide traction when needed. Combined with the mid-sole the cushioning is comfortable on my feet. Especially noticeable when hiking for several hours on less technical terrain. After 500 kilometers of hiking, the sole still looks brand new with hardly any signs of wear and tear.


A small minor point of the hiking boots are the laces. They get loose really quick. On an average day I had to tie up my shoes several times. A small but annoying thing to do.

Durability of the Lowa lady light gtx

One more downside of the lack of foot support is that the leather is starting to give way on the inside of my feet. I wonder how much longer this will hold before it’s worn out. It is definitely not worn out yet I should say. But with my previous boots this is the point where slowly more and more moisture was getting through the leather. It could mean the durability might be in danger, but time will tell.


The boots feel light on the feet. To compare them with the Hanwags, they don’t feel sluggish and heavy. And they don’t perform any less in traction and ankle support. Which is a big bonus.


Another win for Lowa is how waterproof the boots are. Snow, rain, wet grass, rivers, it hasn’t been a problem and my feet have always stayed dry. 

Comfort of the Lowa lady light gtx

On top of that, they are comfortable. Because I have wide front feet and the boots are made for medium sized feet, they are a snug but comfortable fit. When lacing up really tight, for scrambling for instance, they do cause cold feet. Which makes complete sense and is not to be blamed on the Lowa lady light gtx. 


I’m very happy to have bought the Lowa Lady Light GTX hiking boots for women. Although there are some features like foot support and lacing which don’t score well, overall the Lowa Lady Light GTX do what they need to do.

Comfortable and lightweight, good ankle support, good traction, fairly durable, waterproof and trustworthy in any terrain. I can hike with confidence for long multi-day hikes as well as day hikes.

Should you be looking for midrange prized, lightweight and comfortable hiking boots for women, which perform well in any terrain, the LOWA lady light gtx is definitely a good option.

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