BIkepacking and hIking in Peru

Peru is a paradise for outdoor lovers of all sorts. Whether you want to go hiking in Peru or go cycling in Peru, the possibilities are endless. Peru has three landscapes: the coast, the jungle and the Andes mountains and highlands. In our opinion, the Andes in Peru are the highlight for outdoor roamers. Here you’ll find snow peaked mountains in the Cordillera Huayhuash or the Cordillera Blanca, deep canyons like Cañon del Pato, altiplanos and picturesque mountain villages with women dressed in colorful traditional clothes.

Hiking in peru

Some of the most beautiful hikes in the world are found in Peru. The Santa Cruz trek, Huayhuash trek and Ausengate trek are just some examples of what hiking in Peru has to offer. From day hikes to multi day hikes there are numerous possibilities for every type of hiker. 

Most of the hikes are at high altitude where the splendour of the Andes is found. Snow capped mountains and glaciers make for a grand scenery. Azul lakes are abundant. There are numerous geographical formations to be discovered in the different Cordilleras. The variety of landscapes is mind-blowing. 

The infrastructure is good for hiking in Peru. Many local tourist agencies offer organized tours around Huaraz and Cuzco. The more independent hikers don’t have to worry. It is perfectly fine to go without a guide or organized tour. There is a lot of information on the internet, this webpage and even locally obtained at tourist information offices.

As most of the hikes are at high altitude, one must be aware of the risks of altitude sickness. Take the right precautions, be careful if any signs and acclimatize properly before going on your hike adventure.

Hiking in Peru is for those who seek the more extreme hikes. Be it because of the altitude, the changing conditions like climate and surroundings or the length of the hikes. Incredible vistas, stunningly azul lakes and the feeling of accomplishment will be your reward!

Cycling in peru

Bikepacking and bicycle touring in Peru is on many cyclists bucket list. And rightfully so! There is a
huge network of dirt roads meandering through the Andes. There are climbs of over five thousand altimeters, descents of fifty kilometers or more, canyons with mountainsides of three thousand meters and much more for the adventurous cyclists. You can go on for days with hardly seeing any traffic or a human being.
Cycling in Peru is not for the faint hearted though. Hardships will be endured! A climb which will take a full day is not an exception. Nights at altitude can be extremely cold and days in canyons extremely hot. Luxury is difficult to find and often you’ll have to do with what food you can find in the small village shops. 

These hardships will reward you with mountain views you can only find on a few places on Earth. You’ll have daily adventures and life experiences. You will meet local people who are always curious and friendly. You ride routes you won’t forget the rest of your life. Cycling in Peru is for those seeking adventure, solitude, wild camping possibilities dirt roads and magnificent mountains.

BEST TIME to visit peru

The best time to go on an adventure in Peru is from May until September. It is the winter but also the driest season. This means that skies are blue, views as far as the eye can see, but the nights get cold with temperatures far below zero. Make sure you bring good quality gear. 

From October the rainy season hits the Andes hard, resulting in muddy dirt roads and high chances of snowy hiking trails high up in the mountains. A good alternative for outdoor activities for this time of the year is the region around Arequipa in Southern Peru. With pleasant temperatures year round and with a short rainy season from end of December to March it can be the perfect escape of rainy days in the Andes.


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