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The characteristics of a bikepacking bike | explained in 5 easy steps

A bikepacking bike is a bicycle with specific characteristics and capabilities, designed for self-supported off-road, short- and long term bike travel. Theoretically, you can equip any kind of bike with bikepacking bags and name it a bikepacking bike. Even road bikes, which are not engineered specifically with bikepacking in mind. As a result, in general,…

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The Cones and Canyons route part 2 | Cotohuasi to Arequipa, Peru

Volcanos, lava fields, and mountains of volcanic ash is what typifies the landscape of the second half of the cones and canyons route. The geology in this area is quite impressive, to say the least. The region has recently been declared the first national geopark of Peru because of its unique setting and geological characteristics. …